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Generally, the mouse has three buttons- the left click, the scroll, and the right click. Right-click is an underrated button while it is greatly helpful in many actions- to open the drop-down menu, to open the options menu in gaming, and more. The right-click speed and accuracy matter in these aspects and beyond, and hence, are great to practice.

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jitter click test

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jitter click test

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What Is Right Click CPS Test?

The right-click CPS test is a measuring tool that is used to test the number of times a person can right-click in a given time frame. This test is generally used to assess a person's ability to perform fast, repetitive actions, and is often used as a measure of coordination and speed.

Why Right Click CPS Test is Helpful?

The right-click test can be helpful in the following things

  • Right button clicking techniques
  • Using the right-click CPS test, you can also learn some clicking techniques in addition to improving your right-click speed. By learning these techniques like butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, or more, you can always have an upper hand in gaming or tournaments where winning is the mission.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Needless to say, by performing a task to generate points or a CPS score, you can get better hand-eye coordination that will help you in many tasks in gaming, as well as in day-to-day life.

  • Better access to the right button in gaming
  • By using the right button, you can get more familiar with it and it will be beneficial when you are gaming and suddenly need to use the right click. Your brain will automatically cause your finger to reflex without any delay.

How right the click test calculated?

The right-click test is calculated in the following method-

  • When you click the right button on the mouse, the AI registers your clicks
  • With the first click, the test timer starts.
  • Depending on the time mode you have selected, like 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc, the timer will continue and you can register the clicks.
  • When the time is up, the number of clicks you have registered, and the time required will be used to generate your clicks per minute score.
  • CPS score= number of clicks/ total time in seconds.

Techniques That Help To Me Improve My CPS

While there is a traditional clicking method, there are also different clicking techniques that help in generating a better CPS. Some of them are mentioned below and you can give them a shot.

Drag Clicking

The drag-clicking technique is one of the best and easiest techniques that can be used to generate multiple clicks in one drag. To drag click,

  • Click and hold the mouse.
  • Now drag it to a point at some distance.
  • Now release the mouse button.

This will produce multiple clicks in just a fraction of a second, given that your mouse is suitable for drag-clicking.

Kohi Clicking

The Kohi Clicking is called so because it is used in playing Minecraft. Kohi is a server in Minecraft and hence it is named after it. It is done by holding down the left mouse button and rapidly clicking the right mouse button. This technique can be used to break blocks faster and to make your characters attack faster.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a technique used by gamers to click their mouse as fast as possible. The term jitter comes from the fact that the cursor tends to move around erratically when this technique is used. Some gamers use jitter-clicking to gain an advantage in fast-paced games, such as first-person shooters. Others find it to be a fun way to show off their gaming skills. Some people even use jitter clicking as a form of exercise, as it can be quite strenuous on the fingers.